Monday, July 30, 2012

Miss Snark's First Victim Blog Hop

Hi all--Guess what? We’re just about to begin what will hopefully be the first of the Annual Authoress’s Success Story blog tours!
Authoress Anonymous has built a strong and supportive community on her blog Miss Snark’s First Victim: a community of writers, critiques, hopefuls, agents, editors, and readers. There, writers can participate in contests designed to help them practice giving and receiving critiques, polish their hooks, spiffy up query letters, and gain exposure to literary agents… and, in the case of some writers, get offered representation or publishing deals!

Over twenty professional authors now owe some part of their successes to Authoress, the incredibly generous people who participate in her contests, and her blog. Those of us who have owed our publishing successes to MSFV (including yours truly) have decided to come together to celebrate both MSFV, Authoress, and to help cross promote each other’s work.
Every day in the first two weeks of August, a different author will be posting an interview of one of our fellow Success Stories. There might even be some giveaways, so don’t miss a single blog post! Make sure to tune in to everyone’s blogs from August 1st to the 15th, and to follow the hash tag #MSFVSuccessStory this month for more details, tidbits, and info. See you there!
Name Website Twitter Posting Date

David Kazzie http://wahoocorner.blogspot.com/ @davidkazzie 1-Aug
Leigh Talbert Moore leightmoore.com @leightmoore 2-Aug
J.Anderson Coats http://www.jandersoncoats.com @jandersoncoats 3-Aug
J.M. Frey www.jmfrey.net @scifrey 4-Aug
Elissa Cruz elissacruz.blogspot.com @elissacruz 5-Aug
Amanda Sun http://amandasunbooks.blogspot.com @Amanda_Sun 6-Aug
Kristi Helvig www.kristihelvig.blogspot.com @KristiHelvig 7-Aug
Leah Petersen http://www.leahpetersen.com @Leahpetersen 8-Aug
Monica Bustamante Wagner www.monibw.blogspot.com  @Monica_BW 9-Aug
E.M. Kokie www.emkokie.com @emkokie 10-Aug
Monica Goulet http://monicagoulet.blogspot.com/ @MonicaGoulet 11-Aug
PeterSalomon www.peteradamsalomon.com @petersalomon 12-Aug
Sarah Brand http://www.sarahbrand.com/ @sarahbbrand 13-Aug
Angela Ackerman http://thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com/ @angelaackerman &
Tara Dairman http://taradairman.com/  @TaraDairman      15-Aug


  1. That's so exciting! I didn't realize you were a MSFV success story!

    1. Yes, I entered one of the MSFV contests last year. My success story is more indirect as I didn't end up accepting the offer of rep I received from the judging agent, but I did find my dream agent in the process! :)