Need help with your query? Whether you are getting ready to send out your first query to agents/editors, or you've already sent a bunch but aren't getting the response you desired, then you might want to consider a query critique. A critique can help you to clarify and strengthen the hook of your query so that an agent wants to see more. Sometimes it takes an objective eye to identify sources of confusion or unnecessary elements in a query. Other times a query can lose its voice from having too many beta readers. A good query critique can assist you in ironing out the wrinkles so that you can send a strong and compelling letter to agents.

Why choose me? We all have our strengths, and I'm good at queries, or so I've been told. I am a YA writer, proudly represented by Jessica Regel from the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency. My YA sci-fi BURN OUT will be published by Egmont in Fall 2014. If you're new to query writing, first check out my query tips.

My professional query critiques for $25.00 include:
  • comprehensive critiques on all aspects of your query from grammar to the hook to overall flow
  • honest feedback in the form of edits, comments, and suggestions both in the query itself and a general overview
  • one additional free critique of your revised query after you make the suggested changes 
  • 24 hour turnaround time barring holidays (and the rare vacation)
  • free subscription to Kristi Helvig, YA Writer newsletter with additional writing tips
  • safe secure payment via PayPal

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